Everyone’s fitness journey starts somewhere. To be honest, I’m not quite sure exactly where mine started… but it’s been a journey FOR SURE, and it’s one that I want to share.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Growing up I played every sport imaginable…from soccer to dance to ice hockey. Being an athlete was my identity. Sports were what I loved and what I was great at. I went to a private high school where I was a 3 season varsity athlete, and that’s when you could say the real challenges and obstacles that I’ve dealt with began.

My intent to train harder and eat healthier to better my performance as an athlete quickly spiraled into a severe eating disorder. I started eating less, training more, becoming smaller and smaller…and before I knew it, I couldn’t stop. For nearly 6 years, my life was consumed by visiting treatment centers, getting better and then falling back into old patterns and routines. I didn’t like what I was doing to myself. I knew I needed to change, but something inside me never could quite flip the switch.

After differing a year from college to give myself time to truly put into my recovery, I moved across the country from Chicago to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego. My issues did not just go away, but over time, I felt free. I made new friends, I partied, and could feel myself turning away from my eating disorder but also in a direction that I was not proud of. THAT is when I turned to the gym

I remembered growing up always loving weight training when I would do it with my sports teams. I loved feeling strong. So I started going to the gym and started to document my recovery and my fitness journey on social media. What started out as me wanting to feel focused and strong rather than skinny and unproductive turned into my passion and purpose. @hungry4health turned into @eat.lift.flex_lex turned into @lexi_deyoung…and here I am. Healthy, happy, confident, and forever grateful for my journey…the highs AND the lows.

My fitness goals have evolved. My body has evolved. I have gotten stronger physically and even more-so mentally. I’ve found my passion. I’ve found my purpose. I want to help you change your life in the way that this lifestyle has changed mine. <3